Ma Vie "O" l'Etre


        Ou oser le retour à la vie, sa vraie vie. . .       


                                        Denise Schiller 


Co-written by Denise Schiller

with the Angels of Love and the Guides of Light 

The author:

Denise Schiller, Holistic Therapist, Healer, Reiki Master, Seer, Medium and Channel, and now a writer .

Teaches group meditation, trains in Reiki, organizes personal development groups.

In recent years, his connections have become more and more frequent and more and more direct. And it is through these celestial exchanges that the request of the Angels and Guides came to him to write this book in order to allow the transmission of these messages to a greater number of people waiting for a guidance to go towards their well-being.

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Abstract :

This book is dedicated to all the children of the Earth, to all the embodied souls who have chosen to live their terrestrial experience in this context of passage to the era of light and of the rise of true consciousness which will bring all beings from this planet has more peace, joy, happiness, love and harmony between all the so-called “living” beings on Earth.

We propose, through these writings, to transform your life by bringing it back in its right direction.

This book is written in order to advise you in the right behaviors and choices which will be favorable to your evolution and your reunion with yourself; conditions essential to the correct pursuit of your earthly journey, in the right conditions which are rightfully yours, because it is a reality to think that you can do without wars, conflicts, competition, possession, power and manipulation and , of course also, of this capacity that many of you have to lie to yourself in order to remain in conformity with what you consider to be reality and which is in fact only a simulacrum, a comedy, an erroneous assembly of the values ​​of your companies.

We invite you to know our vision of your life, seen by ourselves, beyond the veil that prevents you from seeing the true reality, seen from the sky, your true home.

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