Ma Vie "O" l'Etre


        Ou oser le retour à la vie, sa vraie vie. . .       


                                        Denise Schiller 

CD of accompanied meditations

by vibratory sounds


The first title will allow you to visit your being in depth before accessing the connection with your guides of all kinds and receiving a personal transmission. Duration: 22 mn

The second title takes you into the liberation of what your bodies carry as erroneous and cumbersome memories and in the rediscovery of your true identity. It is personalized care. Length: 27.22 mn

Why such supports?

Many of us have never learned to take time for ourselves.

So to accompany this state, texts and sounds to make you feel your body, to find this connection with yourself, to let go with the mind and become one with your body, soul and spirit.

These practices are wonderfully well adapted in these modern times in order to de- stress , to relearn to ask oneself , to detach oneself from our "doing" in order to find our "being" .

My experiences, my knowledge and my working tools have led me to offer you this program of "Meditations for life" in order to help you take back your power over your life and no longer be the "toy" of this world, of let it appear to find it again! It is this state which is the most favorable to a fulfilling, happy, and constructive life!

This is why I suggest that you advance a little more towards reuniting with your true being, with your true identity!

Of course, daily meditation is widely recommended by wellness specialists. So, not being able to provide you with this service on a daily basis, I had the idea of ​​allowing you to do it at home, with my tools, my knowledge, with my instruments. All the atmosphere of my meditations (for those who have already practiced them with me), but at home, comfortably installed in

your favorite or reclining armchair

on your bed.

For the two CDs, you can acquire them at the exceptional introductory price of 20 euros + 1.90 euros shipping costs if you do not collect them on site.

Beyond this date:

CD 1 - Meeting with the guides: 11 euros + 1.90 euros shipping costs

CD 2 - Chakra purification: 14 euros + 1.90 euros shipping costs

Shipping costs reduced to 3 euros for both CDs

How to order:

1) Send me an email to confirm your choice at the following address:

[email protected]

2) Proceed to payment with one of the tabs below according to your choice.

3) Upon receipt of your email and your payment, I will send it by

The post office.

CD 1 + shipping (12.90 euros):

CD 1 + shipping (12.90 euros):

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