Ma Vie "O" l'Etre


        Ou oser le retour à la vie, sa vraie vie. . .       


                                        Denise Schiller 


Aigue Marine

Equilibre corps émotionnels mental et physique. Améliore l'humeur. Aide à la communication et à la confiance.

Prix: 9,00 €

Green aventurine

Soothing, brings softness and comfort to the emotional heart.

Price: € 5.00

Red aventurine

Soothes fears related to the social world. Brings comfort and reconciliation with the materialistic world.

Price: € 5.00


Reconcile with his inner wisdom. Bring peace and reconnect with the wisdom and unconditional love of angels. Help to get to sleep.

Price: € 5.00


Stone of sensitive people. It is said to be the stone of the angels. Connects us to the purity of our thoughts and intentions. Promotes authentic verbal expression.

Price: € 5.00


Stone of creativity and therefore of creators. Help opening up to relationships with others. Promotes sensuality and balances sexuality.

Price: € 5.00


Multi-healing stone. Boosts the emotional heart and its openness. Cleanses the emotional deeply and allows to find the love of oneself.

Price: € 8.00


Root chakra stone. Promotes rooting and blood circulation as well as its purification. Soothes fears, frees indecision.

Price: € 6.00


Stone of rooting and concentration. Balances the feminine and the masculine. Decrease stress.

Price: € 6.00


Calms irritability and overexcitement. Helps maintain calcium for teeth and bones. Absorbs anger and promotes positive character traits.

Price: € 4.00


Stone of protection against darkness and negative moods of others. Stone that promotes connection and spiritual expansion.

Price: € 6.00

Lapis lazuli

Connects the heart and the head to balance relationships. Stone of wisdom and expression of truth. Connects us to universal knowledge and brings peace.

Price: € 14.00


Stone which consolidates the heart and gives it more strength to face the emotional. Known for its action on physical pain.

Price: € 7.00

Eye of tiger

Promotes the will, the assertion of oneself. Help to follow through on his resolutions. Strengthens resistance to events and negativity.

Price: € 5.00

Red tiger eye

Increase confidence. Allows access to his inner guide, to his wisdom. Promotes public speaking. Promotes communicative exchange.

Price: € 3.00

Snowflake obsidian

Reduces fears and rebalances concentration. Help the return of positive thoughts. Balances light and shadow.

Price: € 4.00

moon stone

Stone of the feminine. Boosts the feminine, puts it forward and brings maternal gentleness to consolidate the gaps. Allows to be reconciled with his feminine.

Price: € 6.00

Sun stone

Lucky stone. Promotes positive ideas, fights depression.

Price: € 8.00

Smoky quartz

Helps in rooting and eliminating fears. In meditation helps us take root while uplifting us. Balances the masculine and optimizes our potential.

Price: € 4.00

Rose quartz

The stone of the inner child. Brings softness and comfort to children or to lacks of softness in childhood. Strengthens and nourishes the need for softness.

Price: € 4.00


Strengthens love and reconnects to the heart. Allows you to accept help from others. Orients towards the chosen objective. Promotes clarity of our intentions.

Price: € 11.00


Stone of sensitive people, mediums and clairvoyants. Promotes intuition and therefore the 3rd eye.

Price: € 5.00


Stone which relieves the ailments, the pains of the heart. Alleviates the sufferings of heartaches.

Price: € 4.00

Canada Jade

It is a stone of the heart. Brings clarity in the vision of the heart, the correct vision and serenity in the exchanges from heart to heart.

Price: € 4.00

Shiwa lingam

Stone rolled by the water of a river in India. Origin of a meteorite. Its main property: transmits its energy of love to us.

Price: € 6.00